Garden Confession!

One may have way too many friends on Facebook. Wonder how many of them stick by your side for life? There are friends who I call as seasonal, then there are a few who are acquaintance and then you have a few that you can count on your fingers who I call as my Family. It's these few friends who I spend my weekends with, we are never too tired of meeting up again and again. Every time we see its a whole new day and a whole new story to talk about. Some of these extended family are away and don't live in the same city, but still we do have everyday conversations via WhatsApp, Skype and Phone calls. I Thank God for these Beautiful souls in my life, that makes my days even more Beautiful when my man is out of town.

Blouse & Skirt: ZARA, Shoes: CHARLES & KEITH, Accessories: ESTA (Ear-Studs), HELEN (Ring)

Photo taken by my Friend & Family: Aarti from CURVES BECOME HER

Stay Beautiful,