Oriental Blossoms!

Oriental Blossoms!

It was a long weekend in Singapore due to Chinese New Year and I spent the majority of it plopped in front of laptop trolling a lot of retail shops online creating my wish list, sleeping on the couch, and in the middle of all this action I found just enough time to savor some grapes, crackers and cheese with a hint of moscato. On one of my not so lazy days my husband and I got off our butts to meet up with friends for dinner, in one of our favorite districts in Singapore (Arab Street). In Singapore Chinese New Year is a major holiday and it turns a usually bustling city into a ghost town, which is a double edged sword because all the restaurants are empty but is bad because most of our favorite little eateries are closed. At the end of the night we ended up searching high and low for a good cafe to fulfill our sweet tooth's, it was a bit of a struggle to find dessert, but with a bit of foot power and a lot of patience we finally settled for a bit of baklava and Ice cream.

Cheongsum: Ju-an| ZARA Sandals|Forever 21 Ear-Studs|Esta Crystal Bracelet

Happy reading my lovelies till next time toddles!

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