I am back after a long break. You must have been wondering what happened to me? Well, you guys did see my last post where I had this boot on my leg. I have a fracture and I have been in this boot for close to a month, and I still have to wear it for another two weeks, hopefully the next doctor's visit on April 28th will bring some good news.

So how did I manage to fracture my foot you may be asking? Well I tripled over some boxes at my work place, and what happened to look like a simple fall turned out to be the worst nightmare of my life. For a person like me who has been wearing heels almost everyday, it is a NIGHTMARE. Well, on the bright side of things I am thankful for what I have. It's just a matter of time, patience and much needed care that I need at the moment.

The cast may be not in this picture but, I did wear it after my shoot. So, how was your long weekend? I had an incredible week, I did what I wanted to do which was going to church on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday, meeting up with my beautiful friends for a movie, dinner and even ended up going to see Annie Leibovitz amazing photographs, a true inspiration.

See you all soon in my next blog post, drop in my Instagram for a teaser.

Wishing you all A Blessed Easter.

Top: UNIQLO | Skirt: BYSI | Shoes: ZARA | Handbag & Watch: MICHAEL KORS | Statement Chain: LOVISA

Stay Beautiful,