Clash of the Casuals!

Clash of the Casuals!

Working under pressure is what works best for me. Remember those school day projects given to you during your summer/winter holidays? Before the break begins you are so motivated to have it completed on time to avoid last minute stress and the burning of the mid-night oil.You prepare yourself a time table for your work and just a bit of play time but, somehow that timetable just goes out the window. Closer towards the end of your holidays you get stressed, worrying your grandparents, running to your friends place for ideas or shared work and even standing by the photocopy machine and killing the environment printing copies from the Encyclopaedia (talking about the 90's).

I am one of them to be honest, since school days nothing has changed about me. One thing I assure you is there is still the quality factor that doesn't go a miss.

This is shown in my outfit here on a casual night out with friends. I had picked these pants in India about a year ago. It had never seen the light of day since I bought them. On this night out with friends required me to play it casual as I wasn't in a mood for heels.

In the midst of my thoughts keeping staple pieces always comes in handy for last minute pairings. My closet space consists of more statement skirts and trousers. I tend to buy blouses in more neutral tones so that makes it easier to pair with these bottoms and makes it more hassle and stress free.


Blouse & Shoes:ZARA| Trousers:WESTSIDE| Tassel Clutch:ASOS| Accessories:ESTA

Stay Beautiful,