West meets East Uphill!

West meets East Uphill!

In the middle of Singapore's hustle and bustle lies alleys uphill rich in history and buildings featuring Chinese baroque architecture.

Emerald Hill is one such neighbourhood and a conservation area located in a hidden alley along Orchard road. Early mornings this area is filled with nomadic tourists or photographers capturing the essence of this place and as the sun sets you are in for a ride with the many pubs that was converted from the heritage buildings.

This place is one of my favourite casual hangout for a good row of drinks, while embracing the raw architecture.

Photography credits: Utek Leong (www.youtakephotos.com/ Instagram @utekkie)

Dress & Shoes: ZARA| Accessories: MICHAEL KORS Watch, ESTA Tiger Eye ear-rings, ALIN MAY Midi rings (ETSY Seller), REDEYE Sunglasses

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