Soma Rachel GeorgeComment


Soma Rachel GeorgeComment

Happy Valentine's Day dear ones!!!

Sean and I ever so often find ourselves mixing things up over Valentine's Day each year. Last year I celebrated with a group of my friends while he was in Argentina for work. This year we did not plan for any dinner or getaway from the city and just left it for fate to take us where it may.

In recent years, Valentine's Day has become a hype in my city for commercial purposes. One this was certain, I never wanted to celebrate this day in a crowd where the multitude of people are dressed in red. My newsfeed is almost entirely bombarded with special V-Day menu or couple spa voucher promos. Many times, I think to myself why do they cater this day only between lovers.  Why don't they extend this celebration between families, siblings and friends?

Hence, we decided to celebrate it a day earlier with my girl friend in the comfort of our abode. We whipped up a delicious meal of Chicken Biriyani and a Chocolate Meringue Cake.

Sean and I just completed our fifth wedding anniversary last year. Everyday is an adventure that we sail on. And like the ocean and all married couples we sail through high and low tides. We are two very different people with different views but as man and wife we learn to appreciate and respect each other's views. I am his only family here in Singapore and he is everything to me. He looks after me like a Queen yet he looks to be looked after like the boy he is. He allows me to be a Woman in my full potential and constantly motivates me towards my dreams. He is hard working, responsible, loyal, kind, optimistic and quick witted. Qualities every good men should have that keeps you forever loved, safe and cared for. I am blessed in my life to be called his and He mine.

One of my most cherished memories in my love life are his hand written letters, cards and the never ending surprises he sends to my work place with a special message. Nothing has ever changed since the time I met him (9th Nov 2008).

To me everyday of our life's shared together is Valentine's Day. Whether it's when we take a slow walk to grab a Mac burger, we call it a date night. We do not allocate a special day to celebrate the love that we share... Our Love is celebrated everyday of our lives and this is how it will be in our family.

His- Shirt: ASOS| Pants: ZARA| Shoes:TOMS, Hers- Top: ZARA| Denims: TOPSHOP| Shoes: ZARA| Necklace: TURKEY

Stay Beautiful,