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I am sat before my laptop, munching on a slice of pizza and sifting through my mind what i should proceed to blog about between my #ootd. Mind you, I have a pretty damn fabulous photographer that I work together with. My thoughts have been fleeting between the wonderment if my followers or people in general still enjoy reading blogs or do they just subscribe to scrolling through feeds and stories. Personally, I am a woman who enjoys immersing myself in quality blog articles - even if I am selective of who I choose to follow. I am constantly in search of REAL WOMEN who speak into my life through a variety of genres: Fashion, Family, Home Decor, Thrift purchases OR Vintage finds that constantly speaks a story to me. It has become a rarity to find such real writers who speak from the heart and continue to share their stories and commit to being their TRUE SELF. In this emerging competitive world, we are like lab rats that are constantly running the wheel and circle of life. Sadly, I find it all too overwhelming to fight this battle.

Between mid 2016 and 2018 I went through a journey of discovery and narrowed down what is important and what areas of my life I need to focus and work on. Fingers crossed and with a BIG FAT FAITH & HOPE I am here to stay in this BLOG WORLD sharing with you my beautiful readers what has kept me going when I had stopped running the race of this world. My story also includes OUR FAITH which has been the backbone of my core during the period when my husband was made redundant and the following year (2018) when my beautiful MOM in law was sent to the Lord unexpectedly and suddenly. It had been a series of unfortunate incidents and yet I know My Heavenly Father has a Beautiful plan written for us. Therefore, this year I live in FAITH, HOPE & LOVE. This is the daily essence of my life and the beginning of a brand new NEW YEAR 2019.

The Look| MANGO Tee Shirt. & Other Stories Sequin Midi Pencil Skirt. ZARA Satin Court Shoes & Circular Encrusted Stone Earrings. Clutch (gifted)

The Look| MANGO Tee Shirt. & Other Stories Sequin Midi Pencil Skirt. ZARA Satin Court Shoes & Circular Encrusted Stone Earrings. Clutch (gifted)

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At the start of 2019, poor health was inherent all around me. My husband and I fell sick at the beginning of January. My grand plan of posting a new write up for this space was put on hold. I decided to hold it a little longer and to remain focused in getting myself in the best version of myself and work things out in my favor. It is February now and I still hear the people around me talking about their New Year goals and asking me the same. To be honest with you lot, I do not keep any goals every new year. I go in with a clean slate, reflect on the past year and look forward to creating adventures with my love and making simple plans that adds sweetness to my everyday adventure!

  • More and More Family/ Friends time (including time spent with our three year old bully Sir Batholomew George)- These days nothing brings me pure joy than having NO PLANS on weekends. I love my time spent at home or at my parents home with a homely meal and just talking all about the world or watching NETFLIX or AMAZON PRIME.

    A big part of Friendship is being there for them, whether it be a quick catch up after work, to celebrate their Birthdays (Oh Lord, please remind me to buy them meaningful presents) or the birth of their little ones or when everything seems to be going AGAINST THEM. I want to be with them to enjoy and to cry what ever season they are in.

  • Making more CAREFUL and SENSIBLE Fashion choices- This is one area of my life where I lack discipline so this year I am forcing myself in taking a decisive approach before creating a hole in my bank account. I have been on a constant look out for Vintage buyers ( as you lot know my love for Vintage) in ETSY, INSTAGRAM & EBAY and also looking to curate a wardrobe with a few tailored pieces from the fabrics purchased over the years. If you know of any please do share me their names, I would love to check them out.

  • Leather made shoes- OMG, where do I begin with my love for a good Italian Leather soles. During my trip to Italy (Verona, Venice, Florence, Lake Como & Milan) last year I picked up two pieces ( among other little trinkets) a MUSTARD Leather Handbag & a pair of Burgundy Womens BROGUES. This pair has been a wardrobe staple and I decided to invest in such classic pairs going forward. Next on my wishlist is a pair of ankle boots thats more suitable for the Singapore weather.

  • Taking the time to READ- I have the habit of buying books and not completing them. This year I am encouraging myself to read more and finish the books I have before I decide to purchase another. As a personal goal I want to enrich my vocabulary and be a better writer, I am determined to finish reading THE ALCHEMIST and simultaneously reading this book called WITHOUT RIVAL. Both these books are keeping me on my toes and I am constantly marking out words that speak encouragement or that serve as reminders for my everyday life. I will be sharing such words here very soon. Hope this would encourage you readers too. P.S I can’t wait to start reading BECOMING especially with the raving reviews on this book. Has anyone of you read this yet?

  • Cooking a meal most weekends- I find cooking and baking very therapeutic, anyone else feels the same as I do?

  • Hostess with the Mostest - I like to think of myself as a MARTHA STEWART when it comes to hosting. This is one area where I truly enjoy hosting my friends for dinner or lunch. I go all out with the planning, from the food menu to table settings and every thing else in between. I make sure there is more food and my friends are constantly been fed and are comfortable in our humble abode. One thing I love about this is when my husband jumps in to help by cleaning our home (YES, I am a proud Wife), to cooking his special Jamaican dishes ( check out my Instagram Highlights- The Georges Nest) HE IS THE MAN. I should say I could do it all - only because of HIM.

  • Bible year plan- I have taken this plan via the Bible app this year. I have started the plan beginning of the year and have been reading the plan diligently everyday. I write down the verses and words in my journal and when a certain verse speaks to me I share it amongst my loved ones, so that it brings hope to their day.

  • Never stop LEARNING & PRACTICING IT- In the month of December I took up a one day course on Calligraphy. It had been in my wish list for a very long time. During my time off from work, I decided to take the plunge and signed up myself for the class. I was so thrilled to sit there immersed in the knowledge and practicing every stroke with my calligraphy pen. Flashback to a time when I was in grade 2, my grand dad had been super strict with our handwriting. He made my sister and myself practice cursive writing books every summer break. It did not stop there and it included planning the answers to our past exam question papers I could say some areas of my childhood had been robbed because we had no play time or CARTOON NETWORK or even READING a book other than for the purpose of academic. Nevertheless, today I could proudly say its only because of him I have a beautiful cursive writing for which I am proud about :)

  • Promising MYSELF and YOU Readers in doing a few QUALITATIVE BLOG write ups. This includes what inspires me at this moment to the uninspiring days.

  • NEVER STOP SAYING “I LOVE YOU” , “THANK YOU” and “SORRY” , simple words that are so often forgotten in this world.

Photos by Justin Ignatius

Photos by Justin Ignatius

Guess I have spoken a lot for my first post of the year and will leave more for the next. In the meantime, should you find the time do comment or write to me about yourself, your plans for the new year or anything you would like for me to add in this space here. Looking forward to seeing you all again.

Stay Beautiful,