YourStyleQuo x RachInFashion

YourStyleQuo x RachInFashion


My favorite & most celebrated month of the calendar year for various reasons- the blooming of flowers, the fresh palette of colours in fabrics displayed in fashion windows, the celebration of International Womens Day & International Day of Happiness and much much more wonderful & serendipitous moments. How are you lot keeping up with your new year plans/ goals/ hopes/ dreams and to-do lists?

By the grace of the good Lord, I am blooming pretty well with the plans I expressed in my previous post and living each day in Faith of all that I envision. One of such is this fabulous fashionable collaboration I did with Your Style Quo.

Your Style Quo is a Personal Styling subscription box. You receive the box on demand without subscribing or choose to get deliveries every month. The stylists will create a magic box based on your monthly preferences and you will receive a box with 5 styles based on your preferences. The best part is there is no subscription so you are not forced to getting something every month. Once you receive the box you get to try the items and only pay for those pieces you are satisfied. How AWESOME this is right? Seriously, for me the fees is within my budget set aside for shopping and I love to be surprised and challenged when it comes to playing dressing up.

If you are like me and wish to try their service follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create an account and fill your style quiz at

Step 2: Currently there is a promo for S$ 0 styling fee for your first StyleQuo box.cSubsequent StyleQuo boxes will be at S$ 20, which will be used for any item you want to buy from the box.

Step 3: Get styles delivered to your door step.

Step 4: Try them on at home. PICK and PAY for your favourites.

Step 5: Return the rest FREE of charge within 4 days.

and DO SHARE your picks with me by using #stayuniquelybeautiful OR tag me in your Instagram Stories so that I could share it in my IG. Here is what I had picked from the five pieces that arrived at my door step and I am excited to see what’s in your box.

Stay Beautiful!