Packed my bags and I am ready to go :)

Packed my bags and I am ready to go :)

Dear Readers,

Tonight my Husband & I will be travelling to Kerala (Southern State in India). This is the first time his family in Kerala is seeing us since our marriage. I have my bags packed with Indian ethinic wear, comfortable footwear for the monsoon/hot weather.

I am so looking forward to meeting up with the families, loads of love filled bonding time and never to forget home-made food yum yum yum. This ten days trip will be packed with door-to-door visit families & friends. This is our first trip together on air and I am excited (coz he had been sailing for long and shared a long distance relationship for a year).

Iphone checklist did help me alot for last minute packing :)

I will try my best to post pictures while I am there :)

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Much love sending your way.

Stay Beautiful,